Benefits of Leunca Vegetables for Health and Culinary

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Leunca, Healthy Vegetables That Save Hidden Benefits For Body Health

Leunca Plants. Leunca in botanical language is known as Solanum Nigrum L, and is classified in the solanaceae family (gourds). This plant originated in Europe and West Asia, then spread widely through Malaysia. This plant is used as medicine since more than 2,000 years ago. In Indonesia, leunca is widely consumed as fresh vegetables.

Leunca fruit is a small round, believed to have properties for various diseases. Similar to other convenient vegetable eggplants, it has a number of benefits. Traditionally, the fruit and leaves of this plant have been used as a dizzy remedy in Mexico. In China, it is used to reduce inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, as well as anti-diarrhea. In India, used to cure mad dog disease. In addition to its use as a traditional herb, several scientific studies show, leunca has anti-ulcerogenic activity associated with the stomach, the central nervous system, and as an anti-neoplastic agent and has a cytoprotective role against kidney cell damage.

Leunca, Rheumatic Natural Remedy and Uric Acid.

Other benefits of the small eggplant that is as an anti-rheumatic substances. Traditional medicine in Nigeria, believes that eggplant can heal or at least reduce certain rheumatic attacks, even treat gout. Not only in Nigeria, in Korea, as a 'maniac' state of ginseng, it is believed to have a miracle to treat some diseases.

Leunca, Natural Medicine of "Encok" (Back Pain)

Leaves that have been dried, including the fruit, can be consumed to treat back pain, gout, stiffness, and other pain. Empirically, this plant is even able to treat measles or chickenpox, alcohol dependence, gastritis, and burns.

Leunca To Overcome Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection affecting women, 10 times from men. It is estimated that 10% to 20% of women suffer from urinary tract infections at least once. In men, this infection is associated with other physical disorders, more than 80% of all urinary tract infections caused by bacteria that begin in the intestine.

Urinary tract infections mostly affect women because the urethra of women is more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Women have a short urethra, so bacteria easily enter, from the vagina, rectum, pudendal area, perineal region, or from the partner of the sex, into the bladder through the urethra. Men have a long urethra and there is prostate fluid that is used as an anti-bacterial protector. In both men and women, the infection usually enters the bladder through the urethra. Symptoms that often arise in urinary tract infections, always want to urinate (often), pain with bladder cramps, and feel itchy or hot while urinating.

Leunca as a contraceptive

It turns out Leunca can reduce the number of sperm of men. Solanaceae family plant contains compounds that can increase blood flow to the penis, so as to improve erection. Compounds contained almost all types of eggplant can improve blood circulation. On the other hand, some studies show negative effects of leunca plants that can decrease sperm count, thus disrupting fertility.

Benefits of Leunca as a Natural Remedy For Cancer

Benefits of a small fruit and green or purple in between them can treat various skin diseases, such as herpes, ulcers etc. In addition, leunca fruit can also be a natural and efficacious cancer cure because the fruit contains solasine, solasin, solamargine, and solanine compounds. Compounds that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells are not controlled.

Solasodine has the effect of relieving pain (analgesic), decreased heat, anti-inflammatory, and antishok. Solamargine and solasine have antibacterial effects, while solanine is an antimitosis. The compounds that can overcome the cancer, namely breast cancer, cervix, stomach and respiratory tract.



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