Benefits Of Japan Jasmine Flowers For Health

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The benefits of this type of Japans jasmine flowers Plants. This plant is a type of Jasmine plants are shrubs, vines and shrubs, tall stems of between 0.3-2 m, and has a round-shaped leaves helaian with a length of 2.5-10 cm and a width of 1.5-6 cm. Plants of Japans jasmine flowers can grow ranging from Plains low to high plains.
Japan Jasmine Flowers
In order to grow, plants need some requirements. Among other things, the land that is not easily flooded, rainfall between 112-119 mm/month, air humidity (rH) 50-80%, 6-7, soil pH and soil rich in organic material. Although in the country of origin has four seasons, jasmine flowers of Japan will grow more rapidly in dry areas and there is enough heat rays of the Sun.

In addition to the widely known as an ornamental plant, Japans jasmine flowers also have high economic value. Japanese jasmine flowers are used as industrial raw materials of cosmetics, perfumes, textiles and tea flavoring. The potential due to the content of essential oil which is known for fine quality, include compounds such as livalylacetat, indol, and benzyl.

Jasmine flowers are also useful in therapy-therapy health, among other things, to treat disease, shortness of breath, fever, headache and stress. One of post-harvest processing product of jasmine flowers of Japan oil is jasmin, which is divided into several categories, namely:

Jasmine oil is excellent, namely the highest quality Jasmine oil that is extracted from jasmine flowers by using petroleum ether solvent, usually used as raw materials fragrant oils.
Jasmine oil is regular, i.e. quality oil is being extracted from jasmine flowers by using solvents, benzole as a raw material of medium quality fragrance oil.
Special pomade, namely oil oils obtained by enfleurage technique of jasmine flowers, hair oil as a raw material.

Oil is oil, i.e. ordinary pomade that is extracted from the flowers Jasmine former enfleurage, as low quality technical deodorizer to moderate.

In the market of oil Japan jasmine flowers sold in two forms, namely oil of jasmine absolute and concentrated form. In the form of concentrated Jasmine Flower oil, still contain a lot of colors, candles, and various components of essential oil constituents, whereas in absolute form components that have experienced separation more or have experienced purification. In a room temperature solid konsentratakan Jasmine oils and insoluble in alcohol.

While The Benefits Of Jasmine Flowers In General For The Treatment Of:

Chemical content in flowers and leaves as indol, benzyl, livalylacetaat, proven effective for:
  • Stop BREAST MILK coming out excessively. How, take one handheld leaf jasmine, finely mashed, then stick around your breasts, every morning before bathing.
  • Sore eyes. A lightweight eye disease such as red eye or belek because of irritation, could be overcome with a handful of leaves of the jasmine. How, take one handheld leaf jasmine, finely mashed, then paste on the forehead. If it dries out replace with new ones. Repeat until healed.
  • Swollen by the bees. The trick, take 1 handheld jasmine flowers, squeeze-squeeze till smooth, then paste on the part that stung by bees.
  • Fever and headache. Take 1 handheld leaf jasmine petals and jasmine flowers. Mix all ingredients, squeeze-squeeze by hand, then soaked with water in rantang. How to use it, water the marinade is used to compress the forehead.
  • Dengue fever. Boil 7 leaves of jasmine and 1.25 grams of star fruit in 250 ml of water to 1 cup water only. Once cool, strain and minumkan in people with dengue fever. Do 3 days in a row with a dose of 8 glasses per day.


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