Benefits of Fruit, Seeds and Leaves of the Plant Kelengkeng Fruit for Health

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In the book the fruits mentioned lengkeng fruit therapy can also strengthen the spleen, increases the production of red blood, increase appetite, and increased power, so the good is consumed by people who are in the process of recovery after the stamina sick. Also useful for lengkeng fruit healthy colon and improve the process of absorption of food, pee, overcome intestinal worms, nourish eyes, treat headaches, vaginal discharge and a hernia.
Kelengkeng fruits has the content substance sucrose, glucose, protein substances, tartaric acid, fat, contains vitamin A and vitamin b. Fruit that tastes sweet kelengkeng is one source of energy and is useful for increasing stamina after sick. Kelengkeng very good fruit all to meet the needs of energy for pregnant women who are weak or after childbirth. Kelengkeng eat on a regular basis can increase appetite, able to prevent anemia. In addition fruit kelengkeng are also useful to speed up the healing of wounds. It's not too much consumption of fruit kelengkeng, if excess can make the body so hot due to an excess of energy.

Benefits of root, leaf, and seed the roots and leaves a bitter taste, lengkeng even the hard seed saving efficacy of the drug.

The roots of deciduous lengkeng nutritious as peeing and waging a blood circulation.

Nutritious leaves as anti inflamasi reliever and fever.

As for seeds is useful for relieving pain and stop bleeding. This lengkeng seeds are also used as ingredients the makers of shampoos, because it contains saponins which can generate large amounts of foam.

Anxiety, Amnesia, decreased Mental daily drink one spoon tonic lengkeng (gui yan gao). As for making tonic lengkeng as follows:

take 500 grams of fruit as fresh and 500 grams lengkeng granulated sugar. Bring to a boil in water until it becomes thick.

Body weight after weak or Sick every day, eat as many as 250 grams fresh lengkeng fruit.

Lost appetite, the spleen is weak Consumption by as much as 60 grams of fruit fresh, lengkeng waste of skin and seeds. Do 2 times a day, morning and evening. This way it can also resolve the diarrhea.

Burns Took a bit of skin or shell lengkeng. Sear until it becomes charcoal. Mashed finely and mix it with the oil of tung (Aleuritis fordii) Dab on the part that hurts.

Wounds that do not Heal failed to grab the little shells or seeds lengkeng already dried, roasted to be charcoal. Mash until smooth. Add the olive oil. And apply in the injured area.

Lengkeng also has a fairly high alcohol levels so that people can get drunk if too much mengonsumsinya. Actually there are alcohol levels if lengkeng is ripe. "When all the fruit is too ripe and decay occurring (fermentation), it could be the alcohol," the light of Dr. Samuel Oetoro, M.S. SP. GK, a specialist Clinic Nutrition. Because the alcohol levels, lengkeng fruit has a warm nature, but do not contain toxins.

It turns out the nutritious lengkeng part for the health body not just fruits only. The root and the leaves are bitter, even the hard seeds, any saving efficacy that does little. The roots of deciduous lengkeng nutritious as peeing and waging a blood circulation. Nutritious leaves as antiradang reliever and fever. While the seeds are a nutritious lengkeng help stop bleeding, regulate the flow of incoming and outgoing energy in the vital organs of a human being, as well as relieving the pain.

Lengkeng seeds also contain substances that are useful for pigments and amino acids. This lengkeng seeds used as a shampoo ingredient because it contains saponins which can produce foam in great numbers. Taste sweetish sour skin deep, warm nature with an astringent. These substances can cause minimal shrinkage in the network so that it can reduce the secretion. More often in benefit from the outside as a remedy to treat skin.

Lengkeng fruit also became a tonic beverages or strengthened. So that people who have recently been ill advised to consume this fruit. While for beauty, lengkeng fruit contains Vitamin C (antioxidant) to ward off free radicals. The origin of the idea, free radicals are capable of ruining the beauty of the skin. According to Dr. Samuel, lengkeng fruit water content was able to maintain the suppleness of the skin.


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