Animal Feed Raw Material Derived from Agricultural Waste

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Corn Clone (Zea mays): Or also called the wrapping of corn, Crude Protein Content (PK) including only 5.15% of dry material but as an alternative to cow feed during the dry season then corn clone can be an option.

Corn Claw (Zea mays)

Peanut Straw (Arachis hipogaea L): Crude Protein Content (PK) is about 8% of dry matter, not including a high protein source, but is still good to use as an alternative feed from agricultural waste.

Peanut Straw (Arachis hipogaea L)

Oyster Bean Straws / Kacang Tunggak: Rough Protein Content (PK) is approximately 16% of the total dry ingredients, making it excellent for livestock feed, especially for cattle and goats.

Peanut Straw Straw

Rice Straw (Oryza sativa L): Crude Protein Content (PK) is very low and only around 4%, but this agricultural waste is one of the mainstay of farmers in the fulfillment of animal feed, especially during the dry season because of the abundance, considering rice or rice is food the principal part of society in our country.

Rice Straw (Oryza sativa L)

Brown Skin (Cocoa): The content of crude protein in brown skin is quite high. Chocolate bark has a PK content of about 15% so good as an alternative feed material from agricultural waste that can be used by cattle and sheep breeders.

Brown Skin (Cacao)

Sugar Cane (Saccharum officinarum L): For areas close to sugarcane plantations, sugar cane can be utilized as alternative feed ingredients. Although the Rough Protein (PK) content of sugar cane tops is about 5.5% and includes low but as a feed reserve during drought the cane shoots are worth reckoning.

Shoot the Sugar Cane

Imperata (Imperata cylindrical L): Wild plants that can grow everywhere can be utilized as alternative animal feed ingredients. The content of crude protein (PK) of alang-alang about 7.33%. It's just that these reeds are very low levels of digestibility. Could be an alternative to feed the cow during drought due to reeds including plants that are resistant to drought.

Alang-alang (Imperata cylindrical L)


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