Various Causes of Frequent Urination

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Complaints frequently urination can be caused by several things:

A urinary tract infection. These complaints are usually accompanied by pain when urinating, urination is not lampias, or urinate frequently but only a little bit. In men, the urinary tract infection is often caused by sexually transmitted infections.


The typical symptoms of diabetes are many urination, frequent thirst and often hungry and supported with the sugar levels in the blood which is not normal. Diabetes insipidus: antidiuretik hormone deficiency or kidney against hormone response urangnya antidiuretik. Antidiuretik hormone serves to control the diuresis (urine). This condition causes a berlebihOveractive amount of urine Bladder (OAB). Urinary OAB is characterized by at least 3 x overnight and the amount of urinary reach at least 8 x/day, urinary urgency (urge to immediately urination), and urinary incontinence (urinary could not resist).

Benign prostate enlargement.

Often occurs in men entering the age of 50 years as the size of an enlarged prostate and clog up the urinary tract. To ascertain the cause, you should consult face-to-face with doctors. In order to be treated appropriately.


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