Planting Vegetables In Hydroponics, What That meaning?

Principles of How to Grow Hydroponics You Need to Know
 Hydroponics is a way of using the media to plant with water, so you do not need soil / land area. In another sense also referred to as cultivation method that uses water as a medium and then added with nutrients that are not from the ground.  

By using this method you can manage more easily from the garden pest control, nutrition, and exposure can be adjusted to the needs of cultivated plants. 

In hydroponic planting we do not need to use toxic pesticides and herbicides, thereby reducing the use of funds and environmentally friendly so that crops will be healthier. Farming using hydroponics method will make the harvest be good quality and free of chemicals. In hydroponic gardening there are many ways that we can apply one of which is a water culture / called nutriculture or aquaculture. 

 This method is a method of hydroponics by soaking the roots of these plants into the water that has been mixed with a complex mix of nutrients. There is also the so-called aggregate culture, this way is a way of farming by using media such as sand, gravel, and marbles as the plants grow. By way of this aggregate media nutrients are absorbed directly by the roots.

There is also a continuous hydroponic method, this method is a way of farming by draining nutrients directly to the roots of plants by using a pump. This method is widely used in large-scale agriculture. And the last is hydroponics aeroponics which is a way of farming by means of plant roots hang in the air, then performed regularly spraying mist of water enriched with nutrients. Benefits of hydroponic planting is easy to maintain as the temperature, nutrients and light.

Examples Melon Planted By HydroponicsFirst of course is the preparation of the planting medium. We need to prepare is vital equipment such as melon seeds, fertilizers, guttering, plastic drum water reservoir, the pipe and installation, aquarium pumps, timers, gabur and neutralizing water or also called deionizer. When you are setting up such equipment now we go to the seeding stage and adjustments.

Seeding is not too difficult because we need only place seeding in the form of wet cotton-lined paper on a plastic tray. Melon seeds that had been prepared to be seeded, soaked in warm water and let stand for 2-4 hours. When the seeds sink means the seed in good condition and can be planted in a place that had been prepared earlier. Do not forget to spray water every morning and evening to keep it moist and intact. Seeding process typically lasts between 2-3 days.

seeding melon hydroponic 

Now go to the stage of adjustment or arguably is the second stage in which the seeds are given a complete nutrition. What is needed is an adjustment in the form of a plastic tray that has given nutritional namely deionizer water and fertilizer. Usually take place after 8-10 days after seeding.

Now go to the planting session which would be an important session for the hydroponic grow melons this. Follow intruksinya in detail and regularly so that results when planted melon really will grow well.

Melon cultivation process itself started to do when in the adjustment phase, melon plants have started to grow leaves. This usually occurs on day 13 or 14. The provision of nutrient can be arranged with a timer during the planting period in which to simply an example, setting the timer is every 1 hour for 15 minutes starting from 0:00 till pkl pkl 18.00.  

Then how long till planting to harvest lasts? Approximately 60 days after it first started planting session. For mere idle, can also buy anti insecticides or pesticides in the farm shop that during the planting of melons are free of pests and others.

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