Causes of Eyes Minus In Adults and Children

Habits of children are often carried into adulthood one is reading while sleeping, besides it is fun also not infrequently can make people fall asleep faster and can be therapi for people whose insomnia. But it turns out these habits also cause adverse effects on the health of the eye that arise minus eye disease.Another habit is reading a book with makeshift lighting or dim. When young may easily be read by lighting spurious, but with age the effects of the habit of reading with dim lights also lead to adverse effects on the eye that arise minus eye.

As an office worker, many of those who have to constantly struggle with the computer screen. Sometimes because of the accumulation of work to forget for a moment to gaze elsewhere or leave the room in order to be fresh eyes. Habits computer screen continuously without stopping and without adequate rest in turn will lead to the onset of eye diseases also minus.

Many of the factors causing the eye-fakor minus. Here are a few kinds of causes of eye minus can be used as a reference for those who still have eyes "normal" or not a minus. Factors that cause the eye minus is:Healthy food intake Minim.A healthy diet, eligible 4 healthy 5 perfect also affects the eyes. Make a habit of eating food that is balanced, both between carbohydrate and vegetables and equipped with fruits. Eating excessive carbohydrates besides not good for the body, is also not good for the content of sharpness on the eyes.

Bad habits. 

Poor lifestyle habits can trigger cause eye minus and affects the health of the eye and even can damage the eyes. Because the bad habits that are often done can easily cause eye fatigue and accustomed to working with does not match the vision of work on eye muscles. However, habits that trigger eye minus, often we do not realize, examples of bad habits that damage the eye are: reading in dim / dark, the habit of reading while lying down, the habit of reading the distance is too close, and other bad habits.

Being in the room

Often in unhealthy environment, certainly can affect eye health and hygiene, good air environment, water, and food. Often collided on a highway that is certainly filled with pollution, which is not good for the eyes, the eyes are exposed to dust and dirty air. Pollution and fumes in fact also causes eye minus if too often exposed to dirty air pollutants and the scorching rays of the eye that excess is not good for the eyes. Foods that contain a lot of preservatives and dyes can also trigger damage to the eyes and cause eye minus.

Excessive sugar intake. 

Knowingly or not it turns out the study revealed that eating lots of sugary foods or beverages, particularly sugar. It turns out sweet foods can cause eye minus in our eyes, so we have a balanced eating and drinking healthy eating to supply our body, and especially for the health and acuity of our eyes.Rarely can Ultra Violet rays. 

Although at the beginning I said that sunlight can affect the health of the eye, but if too much, because our eyes to the range of light that is too hot and the sun directly. So, to get enough sunlight, I can suggest to while exercising a little early in the day to the streets all look the plants green and fresh green, also gets sun for the fulfillment of the stimulation of natural light in the eye, yaa's also sekalin can vitamin D to skin and bones. If you are traveling or are on the outside of the house and the sun is very hot, I suggest you to use sunglasses, so that our eyes are not dazzled and stimulate minus eye symptoms.

Often at Home Screen Glass

That is if you're too much staring and watching television or computers that have a high radiation beam can trigger cause eye minus, because when our eyes staring at a television or computer screen, our eyes blink less than when we are not staring at the screen of the radiation.

Thus, the membranes of our eyes become dry quickly, and the work is not normal retina, the eye becomes faster as a result yaa minus or plus. Minus usually in pain in children to adults, and plus usually suffered by older people, although it is possible to reverse.Excessive use of glass eyes

The use of glasses which too often makes your eyes do not have the opportunity to work for the eye to the focal point himself. This view is still much debated, between the trigger causes a minus because too dependent eye wear glasses with the view that there should be times when allowing the eye to breathe without the aid of glasses. Because if the eye is too long to use glasses, in fact we teach our eyes to dependence on glasses to see. 

The main causes of eye minus the children are not much different from the case of adults in the top let's look at the causes of eye minus the kids.Eyes Causes Minus childrenNumber of small children who wear glasses minus in urban areas because nearsighted alias minus eyes are more common in urban areas than in villages. In addition due to genetic factors, lifestyle since childhood also affect modern urban people less likely to quit the house.


Causes eye minus the first child is technology. Knowingly or not, the development of technology often carry a variety of negative effects. If the days of my childhood, I often warned not to watch television or read a book while lying down, because it can damage the eyes. Nowadays, not only the television to watch. Trends in mobile phone, smartphone or even fuel also affects school-age children. The impact not only on the increasing levels of individuality, the dangers of porn sites, but also radiation from the screen. The habit of playing games at HP must diwaspadi, because of the small screen would make children who saw frequent squinting, or often play these games make children's eyes will be continuously exposed to light so that the eye will be quickly exhausted.

Bad habits 

Minus the eye is not a direct consequence occurs within minutes. It is the result of the accumulation of "forcing" the eye function by default. It can be said that the glass eye is one of the "gift" of a bad habit. Bad habits minus one cause eye.

It Trivial The Ignored

 Some small things that seem trivial can also cause eye minus, for example, lighting or a lamp that is insufficient, inadequate intake of vitamin A, or too often in a dusty environment well.Too much TV, playing video games, staring at a computer screen or similar activities are also a cause of myopia. A study revealed that children who spend time outdoors without the effect of radiation tend to have healthier eyes than children who spend time in the room with the electronic beam radiation.

Minus the eye can be reduced by maintaining healthy eyes to minus quickened by providing eyeglasses or contact lenses according to the size and reduce the activity of reading too close and too long working at the computer. In general, minus eyes will stop growing when approaching their 30s and will likely go down in the 40s.

Minus Natural Eye Treatment

 By Betel leaves 

How to use betel leaf as a drug minus the eye is by attaching two betel leaves that have been washed clean in your eyes while you sleep.

Changing eye 

If you are a person who works all day in front of a computer monitor, you should spend a little time to change your viewing direction to a distant object that your eye muscles remain elastic.

Cleaning with eye 

If you have recently traveled away using vehicles such as motorcycles or bicycles, immediately wash your eyes when I got home because of the dust along the way will stick in your eyes without you knowing it. You can also use eye drops to get the most

Removing glasses 

If you are patient eye minus or plus that already use glasses, do not continuously use the glasses if you feel less need to use glasses. Occasional must let loose your glasses

Consuming Appropriate Dose Fish Oil 

Fish oil has many health benefits, especially the health of the eye. This is evidenced through research by John Paul SanGiovanni, ScD from the National Eye Institute in which fish oils can prevent serious eye disorders such as loss of vision problems due to age and dry eye syndrome. Fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of degenerative vision disorder called Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by up to 30 percent if taken at least 2 times a week.

Besides omega-3 fatty acid is also a very important component for the health of the retina because it renews cells in the retina naturally. You can benefit from fish oil through salmon, tuna, sardines, shellfish, as well as the supplement capsules.

It should be remembered, the consumption of fish oil should also be the proper dosage. If excessive can lead to internal bleeding and allergies. The recommended dose is 500-1000 mg per day or consult your physician nutritionist to get a dose as needed and age.

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