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In Ujung Kulon area, we can see that the Javan rhinoceros including endangered animals that currently the population is low.
Besides in Ujung Kulon, Indonesia is also still have other rhino species that are even more peculiar because the rhino is overgrown fur all over his body, especially as babies grow very dense fur. Along rhinoceros age, his fur will be reduced. Reduced rhino fur is also very closely related to habitat. If they stay hot climate areas, the fur will be much reduced but if they live in a cold area, the bristles will remain heavy. Besides the only one in the world woolly rhinoceros, including the Sumatran rhinoceros rhino species smallest of all rhino species in the world.

Parent and Child Sumatran RhinoPlump body shape and slightly rounded, with a body weight of approximately 909 kg. Sumatran rhinos high measuring 120 to 145 cm, and a length of about 250 cm.
Sumatran rhinos have two horns. Long front horn about 15-25 cm, while the smaller rear horn with a size of about 10 cm. Rhino horns in females are smaller and shorter than the male rhino.
In addition to the two-horned, characteristic of the Sumatran rhino is a fairly long fur covering the entire body. Starting from the outer side front legs, stomach, until in the hind legs.
In fact, for the Sumatran rhinos living in the wild, fur is more dense than those living in captivity. Typical of Sumatran rhinos are the only hairy rhino in the world.
Hairy Sumatran rhinoceros has been partially is outside the country so it is not only in the island of Sumatra and in the country alone, the Sumatran rhino is already to be found. In some zoos International as Zoo Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, and Calcutta, typical hairy Sumatran rhinoceros can also be found.
Delivery typical seven Sumatran rhinos also been carried out, from the island of Sumatra to the United States. Unfortunately, in 1997 left only three tails are scattered Star Gardens Bronx (a female), Los Angeles Zoo (a female), and the Zoo of Cincinnati (a male). Seeing these conditions it was decided that the three gathered in Cincinati Zoo.
Currently, Indonesia has two kinds of Asian rhino five remaining rhino species in the world, namely the one-horned Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sundaicus) with a population of approximately 50 animals remaining in Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK), and 200 Sumatran rhinos in TNWK , Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS), TN Gunung Leuser, and some natural forests in Sumatra and Sabah, Malaysia.
Both of these animals are the most endangered rhino species and endangered because of reduced habitat and as a result of poaching.
International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) in 2006, incorporate both an animal with the critical conservation status categories (critically endangered).
Similarly, a glimpse of the typical hairy Sumatran rhinoceros including protected animal existence because the population is increasingly decreasing.


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