Bangsa sapi ini berasal dari Hereford (Inggris) dan dikenal sebagai white face cattle. Terdapat dua bangsa Hereford, yaitu sapi Hereford bertanduk yang merupakan bangsa sapi Hereford asli dan tidak bertanduk (polled Hereford). Tubuh sapi Hereford berwarna merah dengan bagian muka, dada, perut bagian bawah, kaki bagian bawah, dan rambut ekor berwarna putih. Ukuran tubuhnya sedang, tingkat pertumbuhannya sangat cepat dan produktivitasnya juga tinggi.Tingkat ketahanan dan kemampuan dalam merumput terbilang baik.Tempramennya baik, tulang kuat dan perdagingannya tebal.Sapi ini juga disilangkan dengan jenis sapi Brahman sehingga menghasilkan jenis Brahman Cross. Sapi ini adalah jenis sapi potong atau pedaging.
Herefords are an ancient breed, kept in Herefordshire in western England for centuries. They gained their modern appearance around 1800 by crossing with cattle from Flanders. Originally, Herefords were large framed draught cattle, some weighing over 3,000 pounds. During the nineteenth century there was selective breeding for early maturity, which entailed a reduction in the size of the frame. The first herd book was published in 1846, and later adopted by the 'Hereford Herd Book Society', founded in 1878.
Hereford are medium framed cattle with distinctive red body color with the head and front of the neck, the brisket, underside, and switch in white. They have well developed fore-quarters, a deep brisket, broad head and stocky legs. Most animals have short thick horns that typically curve down at the sides of the head, but there is a polled strain in North America and UK (Polled Hereford).
Herefords are generally docile and fast growing cattle with good beef quality.

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